Rose Oil in Naivasha

Hi Guys,
These People are Allan Kimemia Waithera, David Kiige Ndungu and “Dee” . They have another accomplice by the name of Moses Ndumia who posses as the rose oil buyer or the driver for a White guy who apparently is in their payroll too. They are all a team of professional con-men in Nairobi. They pose as rose oil buyers and have sellers & buyers who are in their con gig. They look for friends of friends and have a nice way of making you believe they have a potential business that has a great income. Once you think you have found a jackpot, (more…)

Poor Service Tuskys Express / Eldoville products questionable?

I bought Eldoville whipping cream from tuskys express and it was rotten. When i went back to tuskys and complained about it the customer care representative was so rude, she kept chewing and fixing her hair.  She told me Eldoville is the worst whipping cream and next time i should pick another brand. I was so disappointed  If she knew i was not able to deliver my cakes on that day.

Sometimes we are not looking for a refund but being polite goes a long way.

Power Supply in Kenya

Hi, I am a Kenyan living in U.S. and have got sponsors ready to assist putting up a school for the less fortunate kids joining High School. We have purchased a seven acre plot at Thika, and are the process of drilling a borehole so need power which 700 meters away. I was very disappointed that we need Kshs. 1.86m to get connected. Will Kenya ever develop?

JamboJet Airlines - terrible!

Gross Overcharging by a “low cost” airline. Booked a flight vide ref N6CZQM and paid Ksh 6,450. This Included baggage charges of Kshs 500 (which is payable for baggage weighing up to 15kgs).

On arrival  at the Jambo jet check-in counter,  I had one check-In luggage which weighed 20kgs.

The Jambo jet staff told me i needed to pay Kshs 1,000 for the extra 5 kg. I was so shocked as that would mean i would be paying Kshs 1,500 for baggage weighing 15kgs which is a complete rip off!!.

On arriving at the Sales Office to make the outrageous payment, the Sales Staff told me that i needed to pay an extra of Kshs 1,500 for the extra weight of 5kgs.

I was completely shocked by this outright unfair extra unnecessary charges by JamboJet-KQ. This is exploitation and i can assure you that this is the last time i will use this airline and i do hope others make wise decisions before boking with this airline.

By this review, i hope to have saved a couple of people from the impending shock. Hidden charges are a way of exploiting people and yes, the explanation was not satisfactory.

I urge you to share this information with others including other ways this airline is blatantly taking advantage of unknowing customers. Thank you.

Nation Media Group - Distribution is terrible

Our organisation – Cassia Capital Partners Ltd made a one year subscription of the Economist about three weeks.

We have never received the magazine in good time the earliest has been on Thursday morning giving us just a day to go through it before it expires the next day.

Mind you I have had to call every week to finally get it delivered.

I decided not to call them this week on purpose just to see if I get it and as expected WE HAVE NOT RECEIVED BEING A FRIDAY THE MAGAZINE IS VALID TILL TODAY.  

We deeply regret subscribing to this service as its a waste of our time, money & energy. The local supermarket has the magazine by Tuesday morning we were better off buying from them.

We thought subscribing [through] Nation Media would even be better but as it turns out their circulation time is totally inefficient to put it mildly!!

Can Sam Mutetei do something about his circulation team that is asleep!

– Bernadette

Reviewing the Nokia XL from Nairobi's MidCom

This review was written in Nairobi, Kenya on 20 June 2014

The Nokia XL is astonishing value. A five inch screen, a battery that lasts long, and Android, sales and support from MidCom in Kenya? It seems like a deal that is too good. 

Whether it is or not is honestly dependant on two things: whether you have ever used android before and how patient you are.
Let me get the first thing out of the way: If you have never used Android before this is a great phone, but, don’t be under the illusion that you are using Android even at 10% of its capacity.
The next thing is about patience, yes. You will need a lot of patience. Apps that work seamlessly both on Windows and Android don’t work on this phone – unless you are patient enough to use a work-around everytime you want to use the app.
An example is WhatsApp. If you manage to download it (you can’t download it from the Nokia store) when it finishes initializing and setting up, it will tell you it is not compatible with the Nokia XL.
To actually make WhatsApp work on the Nokia XL, you have to open your contacts field and find someone on WhatsApp then tap on their number (next to the WhatsApp icon) then WhatsApp will open. From there, you navigate back to the main page for whats app and use it from there. You will need to follow this procedure every time you want to use WhatsApp.
If you have fastlane open, keep the last WhatsApp message you received on the timeline. That is a similar way to access WhatsApp.
That is pretty much going to be your experience on the XL. I think the phone is a flop for anyone who thought Android meant it worked in Google’s ecosystem. GMail, GMaps, Gchat, Calendar, Contacts ALL DON’T WORK with your current gmail account.
Nokia have taken a brilliant Operating System and reduced it to a very poor version of itself – shame on Nokia.
The good news, if you have already bought one, is that the phone is cheap so many many people may buy it and someone will develop a custom rom that works on it and truly delivers the Android experience.
This phone runs android needn’t run Android, they should have just installed Symbian OS on it.
The good:
– Great camera for price
– Great battery life
The bad:
– Not connected to your google account so no syncing
– No Google ecosystem
– Old Version of Android

Don't live in Kaguma's apartment block - Suzzanah Plazah in Obama Estate

Suzannah Plazah, Charges high rents, however, they have a water problem. Their storage tanks are spoilt, so they buy water from ‘clean water’ vendors. Now, the problem is that this ‘clean water’ is actually seawage from a nearby river. They nearly killed me and my family. Are there authorities that can deal with landlords that offer their tenants seawage as clean water.

The apartment does not have water meters from the Nairobi city council, yet they charge a cubic meter of water for 400/-, while the council charges 97/- for the same. They also charge you for the seawage water they pump to the houses.

If you are looking for an apartment in Obama Estate, Near Kayole Junction, Behind Red Square Villas, DO NOT ATTEMPT to rent here! Your family will suffer from the dirty water.

Ultimate Security could be responsible for your next accident

I was being driven down Makindi Road (where The Swedish School is) on 2 June 2014 at exactly 5:01:13, according to the timestamp on the below photo.

We followed an Ultimate Security branded Nissan Wingroad KBS 037 B for a few short meters before he stopped abruptly. We also stopped and gave him a moment for either turn or get off the road of flash hazards or anything…

He did nothing and we realised that someone in the car TALKING TO A PEDESTRIAN. They stopped with no warning and no indication to traffic to overtake to talk to a pedestrian!

So we overtook and asked them kindly to alert fellow drivers if they were not moving on. Their response to this: WEWE PITA WACHA KUTUSUMBUA!!!!


If this was a matatu I would not be surprised at the behaviour, however, I had mistakenly assumed we were dealing with employees of a professional organisation.

I was wrong – if that is how employees of the organisation behave I can only imagine how the management behaves or what any security guards you hire from them might actually be doing in your compound.

Anyway, I tried to take a picture of the car so I could complain – its terrible though as he started flashing messing with my camera’s settings and of course, we couldn’t stop and properly photograph theshenanigans as we would be guilty of committing the crime I am reporting here 😀 😀

– P M Kimani

Stars of Sourcing cars: Zero 2 60

In quarter three last year, I decided I wanted a nice sexy mini SUV to help me feel better about myself. I had all the reasons, from bad roads to going to see mugunda, from impressing clients to getting respect from aksaris.

These reasons may seem foolish to you, but, I used to drive a Probox and I think that gave me a complex! 😀

Anyway, I looked around and prices where around 1.8 – 2 million shillings for a clean 2006 car with genuine verifiable mileage (yes, you can verify a cars mileage with the agency that inspected in Japan or wherever it came from.)

Then a friend introduced me to a guy called Karuoro who owns Zero 2 60 a car sourcing company.

He explained to me how he will only give me value and that meant one or all of three things:
a) The car will be lower mileage and cleaner for the same price as locally
b) The will be newer, i.e. a 2007 or 2008 for the same price
c) The car will be much cheaper with same specs and anything locally

Initially I just wanted to congratulate the guy for a great sales pitch, but, then he started sending me options. Each option was fantastic, I was literally choosing an Outlander based on if it had a boot spoiler or if it had a roof rack or if it had nice seat covers.

Eventually, Karuoro got me a car with all three; a spoiler, extra roof rack like I wanted and nice aftermarket seat covers!

That is not the best part! The best part is the car he eventually imported for me met all three of his determining factors for value:
a) It was lower mileage (70,000kms) than the cheapest genuine mileage car I could find (135,000kms)
b) It was newer (2007) than all options I had seen locally (2006 cars)
c) It was still much cheaper (2007/70,000kms/1.7 million) than cars with similar specs (2006/135,000kms/2 million)

All this actually happened almost a year ago, I am writing this complement to Zero 2 60 because I decided to sell my car this year (after I was feeling better about myself :D) and managed to get 1.7 million for it because it was still within the loan window! I lost no money on a car that is not a Toyota!!!

Great job Karuoro, thank you.

– P M Kimani

See the Zero 2 60 Profile here

ICEA Lion groups POOR Human Resources services

I am a graduate with 2nd class upper.

Late last year I applied for a management trainee job at ICEA Lion group.

I was called in for a first aptitude test in January 2014 which I passed, I went for the second group interview which I passed, I did the fourth interview with the head of Human resources which I also passed.

In early February I did the last interview with the two East Africa region Managing Directors for General and and Life Insurance.

I passed all the four stages and was even told to go do a medical as I had passed all the four interview stages.

I have NEVER been told why I was not called back for an offer and I even did my own medical check-up to be sure it didn’t rule me out. I have tried calling their Human Resource department who seem not to care.

All I would like is an explanation why I didn’t get any feedback after all those interviews and even a health check.

– Angi