Airtel Kenya's Internet Bundle

I am writing to inform other Kenyans of a disservice Airtel Kenya has done on its consumers. Am sure this has affected other users of this network.

I loaded airtime of Ksh. 800 to purchase the 1.5GB internet bundle on 3rd March 2012, after getting the message to wait for my bundle to be activated.

Hours later, this was not to be so I went to Airtel Sarit the next day only to be told that they had a system issue and the problem would be solved in a matter of days. A week later, nothing and I went again, this time I was given a request number 379423 to solve the issue.

The following day I got a call from customer care telling me that my issue had been resolved and that I could access my bundle, together with an sms to dial *133*8# to confirm my bundle.

Upon trying to access internet, nothing happened and again I had to go back to Airtel only to be told I didn’t have money in my modem.

So Airtel, do answer us and tell us how many of your customers you’ve reaped of their hard earned cash due to a fault from your side which you haven’t even bothered to explain to your customers through the media, as you keep fleecing us!!!!

I have now decided to go back to your closest competitor even if their bundle is slightly expensive, but at least they are more reliable in their service delivery. And what happened to customer care!?!


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  1. So far, i’ve had the worst experience with safaricom when it comes to bundles…all i can say to airtel, kudos! no one can satisfy all people in kenya..thats y theas a choice…

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  3. I have many ideas on how you can use your AIRTEL profitable without wory if you have small amount you can subcribe and if you need free sh100 and 10mb call me 0720715850 just small hacking.

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