Kenya Power Customer Service (Pre-paid Meters)

my prepaid meter is faulty. i spend KES.1000 bob everyday to buy electricity tokens. my complaints to Kenya Power have been frustrated by customer service officers who have either hang up on me, not picked my calls or refereed me to field officers who hang up or don’t pick my calls. i visited electricity house 2nd floor& all i was told by an arrogant mother tongue speaking attendant was to stay in darkness until they get new meters because they are out of meters. i inquired whether i will get refunds for the monies lost as a result of the erroneous meters& he dismissed me saying ‘Hiyo mimi siwezi jua’. i was searching for KISS 100’s contacts so that i can get Caroline Mutoko’s email& seek her help in addressing my concerns & imagine my surprise!!! KISS 100 has no official website??????

– Kevin

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  1. We recently moved from postpay to prepay but kplc never gave us a new account number and adviced us to use the previous,Yesterday i loaded 700 on 3401950-01 just to be told am supposed to use 14246453675.Kindly transfer the total amount that is in my previous account which is almost,1860 to my prepaid account.

  2. Kenya Power Embu branch customer care is a disaster. u go to complain about a huge bill at 10:00am, you are told, Am busy doing something come back at 2:00pm. you go back again at 2pm you are kept there. After you are served in less than 2 minutes. Why didn’t that person spare those 2 minutes at 10am when i went there? This is so bad. I had to wait from 10:am till that long. Then there is no need to have a customer care dpt. Embu branch take note. Especially the ladies there are so rude. Infact its a lady who told me. Am doing something come back later.

  3. Jonah Mabua Daniel  |  

    Kindly I have paid 2000Kshs. to KPLC mombasa from monday 10.08.2015, but uptp today am in darkness. Why am I being treated this way. I feel very intimidated by this action.My hse no: H3 – 303 am at KPA – Gorofani estate.

  4. KPLC, you guys are such a cartel. I paid 1800bob to get tokens and all I could get is 1.5 units. Is it that I was given a metre that had arrears?

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