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my prepaid meter is faulty. i spend KES.1000 bob everyday to buy electricity tokens. my complaints to Kenya Power have been frustrated by customer service officers who have either hang up on me, not picked my calls or refereed me to field officers who hang up or don’t pick my calls. i visited electricity house 2nd floor& all i was told by an arrogant mother tongue speaking attendant was to stay in darkness until they get new meters because they are out of meters. i inquired whether i will get refunds for the monies lost as a result of the erroneous meters& he dismissed me saying ‘Hiyo mimi siwezi jua’. i was searching for KISS 100’s contacts so that i can get Caroline Mutoko’s email& seek her help in addressing my concerns & imagine my surprise!!! KISS 100 has no official website??????

– Kevin

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  1. I believe it has always been an elaborate plan to rip off Kenyans. Why introduce the prepaid meters then still charge a standing fee for the meter readers who nolonger apply. Y make pple pay via mpesa yet ur systems r faulty n never upgraded? We need transparency.

  2. what a rip off.1 paid 230 shillings and got 28.2 units thirty minutes later I paid 600 shillings and got 29.1 units!!!!! what criteria do they use in awarding tokens yet any call to their hotline is never answered?

  3. I paid 870 for my meter Mtr No: 01450540560 Date :2015-01-27 07:06:43 +0300 : Problem with token generation,Please contact KPLC. havent received token yet.


  5. Emmanuel Alusiola  |  

    I paid last month 400 bob&i was given 22units,later on i paid 280 bob &i was given 7units…does this thing really work or it is someone’s fate???

  6. For how long are we going to be in the dark?its 3weeks now since a poll fell down thus no power supply,we have called but no reponse.makueni county,nzaui,ndovea village..

  7. Hello.

    What causes a pre paid meter error to occur? Why don’t you have any technicians on duty over the weekend to assist pre paid meter customers when these errors occur?

  8. hello Kenya power kindly let us know if it is intentional that we cannot buy tokens from vendors.
    We are left with just one option to buy using MPESA. Since December there is always a down time. I am so annoyed with your services. its such a rip off for all people to be paying 22 for each transaction. Make it clear on print media advising us that hakuna pata pawa …pay 22 shillings via mpesa and you will get power in your house.

  9. i pay 100 with airtel line 0787651836 for no. 14105806740 i din’t get ti message kindly advices coz if i try to call your no. 95551 tiz not working and i need power

  10. Greetings,

    Since yesterday, Monday, March 30, morning, we tried to load pre-paid meter No. 04225766957 at Dayspring Flats, Kariobangi South. It failed to load, showing E07.

    On calling customer care, we were given the ref # 207194 and informed that some of your people were on the way and would fix it.

    Come evening, no one had shown up and, on calling again, we were advised to switch off the main for 20 minutes and try again. We did that 3 times and nothing worked.

    Calling again this afternoon, we were referred to prepaid 0203211000 which says it is out of service and so tried 0203201000 from your website, but after waiting for an operator for 10 minutes, I thought there’s no one at that end and hung up.

    Hence this email seeking assistance on the said meter.

    Best regards,


  11. its really disgusting how these guys work, i bought tokens worth 500kshs and was send a message that the money was not enough and that is should add kshs22, i did add Kshs 100 and i got another message that i add Kshs422, from easter friday, its now sunday morning only to get tokens that dont exist, the token has 20digits that their system says recharge failed. No one picks my calls, what do you guys expect me to do

  12. we’ve been without lights for the last four days and today you guyz came but still we have no lights but other places something anout this meter number is 14103940665 in dandora area four.

  13. have been trying to top up the response I get is that the account format is wrong… plus I want to get rid of the beeping sound pliz. its the latest meter just installed a month ago

  14. Rebecca eshimuli  |  

    am wondering how long it takes to get power connection because i applied in February.. paid the required amount but to date i have no power…all i get are empty promises of tomorrow tomorrow… what is the problem?

  15. Seriously, how long does it take to generate the units after buying tokens. I bought tokens at 9:30Am and now its 4:30 and still no units. i keep calling KPLC and the keep saying they are following up. What is it exactly that t hey are following up, its not like they will refund me the ksh 200 airtime i’ve used calling them. If you going to keep people waiting, give us a toll free number.!

  16. Whats up with your tokens, l bought token on 21/4/15 at 7.15 am of ksh100, l haven’t received up to date, my units are almost over. Why do you want me to stay in darkness when l have already paid?
    Your lines are very busy. I want something done by end of today, stop ripping innocent Kenyans like me.

  17. what is happening there Kplc? you haven’t send my token units yet have paid ksh525 and it’s almost three hours and your customer care number are not working. please let me know how I can be helped.

  18. what is happening there Kplc? you haven’t send my token units, meter number is:37125109159 yet have paid ksh525 and it’s almost three hours and your customer care number are not working. please let me know how I can be helped.

  19. I sent 8000 through mpesa 3 hours ago and no tokens yet. All numbers are busy or disconnect as soon as they go through. Hot line indeed;

  20. I bought a token today of 500 and there was no reply again I bought another for 300 and no reply my account is 22119876013 kindly am in the dark

  21. I bought two tokens through mpesa on 22-April 2015 Mpesa Ref. JDM4A6ZOVW worth 100ksh and another on the same day Mpesa Ref. JDM9A77R1R worth 20ksh. there has been no response and calls to KPLC customer care is a big sham! all lines are busy or nobody picks the phone. Is this a way to rip off Kenyans why ask Kenyans to pay via Mpesa without adequate capacity to handle traffic.

  22. hi,i bought prepaid tokens yesterday through airtel money and i have not received them upto now.the transaction id was units are almost off.please sort me as short as possible

  23. I purchased a token for Kshs. 500.00 through Mpesa on 2nd April 2015 at about 7.31 P.M. unfortunately i entered a wrong account number 04258027185 instead of 04218027185. I have repeatedly called KPLC Customer care on nos. 95551 – 0703070707 & 0732170170 but never got through using the last two numbers. I managed to go through the first one, and have spent about Kshs. 200.00 airtime, holding on for a customer service assistance without any response.

    Can my above account be credited with the Kshs. 500.00 sent to the wrong account as i see myself spending more money making calls which are never answered.

    Chris Mukungl

  24. Kplc bungoma branch is really frustrating us we lost power on thursday frm 2pm till today morning.But by it had already disappeared.When we complain to the office they only promise to sort us .Who can assist as coz we are tired of this blackouts.

  25. seriously,Kenya Power your so slow.U need to upgrade your systems.For 3hrs now i havent got my 1000bob worth tokens.Safaricom responded in secs that the money has been transfered to Kplc.Will u take years to process the units? Its so frustrating when one needs power desparately,pay s for it and cant get the same in the same urgency

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