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my prepaid meter is faulty. i spend KES.1000 bob everyday to buy electricity tokens. my complaints to Kenya Power have been frustrated by customer service officers who have either hang up on me, not picked my calls or refereed me to field officers who hang up or don’t pick my calls. i visited electricity house 2nd floor& all i was told by an arrogant mother tongue speaking attendant was to stay in darkness until they get new meters because they are out of meters. i inquired whether i will get refunds for the monies lost as a result of the erroneous meters& he dismissed me saying ‘Hiyo mimi siwezi jua’. i was searching for KISS 100’s contacts so that i can get Caroline Mutoko’s email& seek her help in addressing my concerns & imagine my surprise!!! KISS 100 has no official website??????

– Kevin

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  1. Pole sana dude, your not the first to complain about those pre-paid meters so I was very surprised to hear that KPLC’s response to people’s complaints was that “people are just being resistant to change”

    So much for the re-brand – its just a crap logo with no improved service I guess!

  2. Kenya Power why waste money re-branding when nothing has really changed. The same slow and lazy attitudes of the past and no meaningful change! KPLC will remain the old dinosaur if the staff just don’t change. I called to check on why the prepiad mpesa is taking money but not recharging. I was told its been down since yesterday and will not be ok until after 8.00am morning on 23rd august 2011. Am asking how such a critical service does not have emergency service to ensure it does not fail for such a long time. Eng Njoroge pull up your socks along with your slow staff. It defeats the purpose of prepaid service if you can’t offer the service as required. Let’s just go back to your totally inefficient ways of the past if you are unable to meet the minimum standars expected from the “rebranded KPLC”. What a sad joke!

  3. i closed my account in march 2011 and up to date i have never received my deposit back, my power was disconected with a bill of 400/= and yet they have my 2500/= since this fair really n i have never failed to pay my bill? was defaulting for 3 days a justified reason to disconect? my power was diconeted some minutes after i had paid.


  4. hi what happens if i buy a token for prepaid service through Mpesa and i do not receive my token. Can some please send me info on the way forward.


  5. @ Mary,

    You can call the Kenya Power prepaid section, explain to them the problem and they’ll read out the token number for you over the phone once you give them ur account number.

    At least that’s what happened to me.

  6. Anyway these problems are too much to bear, i have resolved to stay without power coz if i load 1000 kshs its dissapearing immediately. Frustrated by KPLC and their field officers at BURUBURU

  7. I think the whole idea of prepaid meter has been implemented prematurely since KPLC Personnel are not able to cope with the current problem of faulty meters.Mine is even worse coz like this month i have spent 4,000 arleady and when i load a 1,000ksh it is getting exhausted within 10hrs.i have also tried to call customer care centre since friday but nothing has been forthcoming.They only request for my account no. and thats it.Please can the whole idea of prepaid meters be suspended forth will and we revert to the old post paid system!!.KPLC must understand we are currently undergoing a very tough economic situation and we can’t afford to pay 30k per month for electricity.

  8. I was ecstatic when Kenya Power installed pre-paid meters. No more delayed bills through postage I said to myself. Walala!!! kumbe it was a set up to mint money. I mean initially I used to spend a maximum of 1k per month on electricity. Now a token worth 1,500/- does not even last 10 days. Secondly similar purchase amounts yield different units. Kenya Power is a sham. Kumbe when they were rebranding, they were just growing HORNS. I WANT THE OLD METER BACK!!!!!. Be accountable to your consumers bana. Wacheni uwizi. Who will save kenyans from daylight thuggery. Sio Banks, Sio gava …we are getting f*&ked up everyday from all angles.NKT!!!!

  9. The company contracted to fix the pre-paid meters in southc(kpa estate) and the surrounding are really doing a shoddy job. Please KPLC do somehting about this company.

  10. How long does it take have the meter connected after the power line has been install.This is second week since the power line was connected and nobody even calls me to update.Before paying connection fee i used to receive sms and calls enquiring when i would pay but these day i do not.My ref E2113201101194 Ruai area.Are you only after the money without offering the service


  11. MPESA confirmed ks 1000 sent to KPLC prepaid for acc 04203690872 on 20-12-2011. up to now 21-12-2011, 3.30 pm, i have not received any unit. is this service still working?

  12. Accessing you is a challenge especially during power outage. Please make reporting power faults as easy as possible via mobile phones, facebook etc

  13. Just received a text message from KPLC telling me ati they will start deducting their 30units worth of the new prepaid metre today…….. Are they serious??
    Why should i pay for it??
    One: I never entered into a contract with them ati i was gonna pay, and

    Two:Why pay for something that someone else will come and start enjoying when I have hamad from that rented house?? ama they presume all of us are as corrupt as they are up there to afford our own mansions??
    Shouldn’t the owners of the flats pay??

    Can someone explain this because it has not been explained anywhere

  14. In very simple terms, The Kenya Power and Lighting Company is performing way much below par. YOU ARE A USELESS COMPANY IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO MAINTAIN YOUR SO CALLED NEW TECHNOLOGY.

  15. how do i pay my bill and be told the account number is either invalid or does not exist. This is the account number; kindly be quick to help before i run into darkness- 04216249641.

  16. I don’t like your new technology KPLC…..Seriously.
    Can’t imagine that I have to spend triple the amount I used to spend before this so called pre-paid service……….

  17. Whats not happening here.. Ave been away for so long and to my suprice when i came back and washad my computer…i just heard tit tit tit on the so called prepaid thing, on cheking it was drained from 38 units to 08 units!’ whats da meaning of diz…can someone advice

  18. i wonder how such a big company can be a sleeping giant.its been 3days since i bought tokens thru M-pesa but it has never recharged. And can this kenya power personels let the public know how much 1 unit costs because is not right.

  19. Was broke today in the morning n decided to use ksh150 in my Mpesa to buy a token . To my suprise I was given 1.7units.does it mean that 10units will cost u around 1000?

  20. something is really wrong with this pre paid meters from kenya power, on 11th july i bought units using mpesa worth 400 an equivalent on 7units. On 16th July i bought units again with mpesa worth 400 and to my surprise i was awarded 44.9 units. On 29th July i had 34 units when i was going to bed only to wake up to a surprise 14 units remaining what happened to my 20 units?. I need an answer before i cc .

  21. @ About purchasing tokens, it is important that you not only consider how much you spent, but also the UNITS you receive, for this is what matters. Many people still make the same mistake post paid customers make – just look at the total amount due then scream, without reading the number of consumed units. As for the cost, there is a scale used. First 50 units cost you about KES 2.5, next 51-200 about KES 8.1 (all less forex adjustments etc; all those items that used to appear on your bill). At the beginning of the month, a standing charge is deducted. So if yuo try to purchase tokens with KES 150, you will get almost nothing!. If you purchase more than 200 units in a month, you will pay 12% VAT on ALL THE UNITS YOU PURCHASED (i.e. from 1-200) !!!!! So monitor your consumption, rather than the amount you spent. Please read the manual that came with the meter or ask for one from any branch. Please note: I do not work there, so I may have the unit costs a bit wrong.

  22. i am actully confused because i dont know the exact rate of purchasing power units through mpesa. i have just now bought a token of ksh 300 and given token 14511234290808093322 for only 1.7 units A/c no 22119269466. is this surely real, is the current rate ksh 176.47 per unit

  23. @ Robinson
    i have the same problem, i recently moved to a rented house, i tried to load the prepaid thing, 1st i tried loading 200/= then there was an sms form mpesa that my 200/- is not enough i need to add 69.7/=. i added 70bob but to my surprise i only received a token of 0.2 unit. is this for real. It is not even closer to a unit. What is the cost of a unit??!! am really confused

  24. Am suggesting that, please you should reduce the time taken on delays when one has purchased a prepaid token from 36hrs to like 24hrs.
    Hope and trust that you will consider my suggestion.
    Julius S. Agasa

  25. have not received any help for the last six months from your area electrician(for prepaid meter deducting units irregulary) in Tena estate, i’m getting this too expensive and frustrating.

    please get in touch.

  26. have not received any help for the last six months from your area electrician(for prepaid meter deducting units irregularly) in Tena estate, I’m getting this too expensive and frustrating.

    please get in touch.

  27. hi,
    i leave in langata estate next to the deliverance church. We have been on blackout since yesterday night. Could someone kindly explain to us what the problem is?

  28. i tried to purchase units through m-pesa.after a day i receive a message that my account no. is not activated.what is the problem coz this is the no.av been using

  29. I just compiled all the data on the amount I have spent each month to buy tokens since May 2011, and plotted that against the units received in each transaction. I am shocked, something is seriously wrong with the calculation that PK shows in their bronchures. It can’t be same formula the system uses. Recently I bought a token and for the first time I heard of topping up 100bob because of tax – why work retrogressively? Is the system that dump?

    Your luck is that you are a monopoly, you fool with us too much!!!!!

  30. Dear Sir

    I was comparing the units i get on every purchase and noticed that i was always getting less units compared to others. The comparison shows an item in the bill called “Total Dept”, which is using a major portion of the amount. Can you please advise what is that charge?


  31. Can anybody advise what is the item “Total Dept” in the token stands for?

    A purchase for 8000 Ksh shows the details below.
    Receipt no. 1234560VS2215030

    Total kWh (01) 338.80 – 3,034.83
    Monthly FC – 120.00
    Total Debt – 1,600.00
    Total Tax – 668.34
    Fuel Index Charge – 2,015.28
    Forex Charge – 2,015.00
    ERC Charge – 10.16
    REP Charge – 151.73
    Inflation Adjustment – 94.83
    Total: 8,000.00

  32. Can anybody advise what is the item “Total Debt” in the token stands for? This is not appearing in others bills and i have seen kWh 487.7 was given to some customers compare to my 338.80. When i compare the bill, this particular item “Total Debt” is the reason in getting less units. Can anybody explain what is that charge stands for and why this charge appears in only some bills?

    A purchase for 8000 Ksh shows the details below.
    Receipt no. 1234560VS2215030

    Total kWh (01) 338.80 – 3,034.83
    Monthly FC – 120.00
    Total Debt – 1,600.00
    Total Tax – 668.34
    Fuel Index Charge – 2,015.28
    Forex Charge – 2,015.00
    ERC Charge – 10.16
    REP Charge – 151.73
    Inflation Adjustment – 94.83
    Total: 8,000.00

  33. I paid my bill via Mpesa on 4thDec 2012 and it had not rflected in my account which is 3074825.
    Kindly help before am disconnected.

    Thank you

  34. Hello Guys,

    Mteja is just a forum to record complaints. We believe that when enough people share their problems here , the sound will become overwhelming and the providers of poor service will have to listen to us.

    Please don’t give up posting your issues with various companies in Kenya – we will eventually have enough voices to not be ignored, but first, we must all raise our voices together.

  35. Pls KPlc, can u come out clean and make public ur rates per unit. Am no longer able to budget for electricity coz i top up 1000ksh but am given different no. of units everytime

  36. KPLC where did my kes.1000 go to?since yesterday av not received any still waiting and why should you take long to deliver your services?check out my account please.04215873474

  37. What is wrong with KPLC. I bought token through Mpesa and received nothing, I have tried to call the number on the customer care and some of them do not work and the one that works, when i mention my problem, they disconnects me and put a song. this is very un fair to the customer where is my money or are you being a scam

  38. meter number 01450542236 I bought token two days ago my number is 0728417035 can kplc send my token or return my money nikanunue mafuta taa am in darkness and they have my money

  39. I bought electricity token for 250/= at 2pm,i loaded up and the machine shows i have 28 units BUT there is no lights! please help. my metre no. is 04218329391.

  40. bashow mohamed  |  

    I am a resident of Githurai 45 resident not far from mwiki primary school, there was a transformer which exploded on thursday night at around 8.30 pm near the only mosque, but unfortunately we are still in darkness, so kindly come to our rescue, thanks

  41. patrick mutava  |  

    i am very disappointed with KPLC.I am a tenant whose meter was changed to prepaid.two weeks down the ilne sina power coz mara the systems are down ama we will call you in 30 just wondering whether you are aiming making profits from us when no services we are disaapointment is so big cant publish it aal over but i wish there was a competitor for you guys hamngeniona ng’o.

  42. iam a resident of buruburu ph1..i bought prepaid token at 12.49pm via m-pesa and am yet to recieve long am i supposed to wait?

  43. I bought tokens two days ago of 300ksh in my former token meter which is 01450156425 my new token meter is 01452216623plz can you help to change the token in my new token meter coz i have tried your customer numbers but they are not going through. 0720277007

  44. I am a resident from south b Hazina Estate, i am disappointed wit the services provided by KPLC. For the past months the transformer has been explodin day after day n supposedly they send pple to fix the problem bt wat i dnt get is if they r fixing it Y DOES IT KEEP EXPLODING? Cnt u jus ensure tht its fixed well so tht u dnt hav to constantly get complaints n hav to cme all the tym. With this problem u r even causing our electronics to b damaged, wat if we were to charge u fr the repairs?

  45. Obote S. Alango  |  

    I am a resident of Kapiyo Village, Wan’gaya II sub-location, NE Kano Location, Near Magare Primary School/St. Boniface Catholic Church around Masogo Market. I am disappointed with the services provided by KPLC especially covering my area which I have described. For the past may months, we have been going without power for better part of the day due to the problem at Miwani power station could be due to old age of equipment and when we report the issues on Emergency No. 0572020926/0572025049, we only get promises of give us few minutes only to go without power for two or so days! There are people on the other line (ODINO POWER STATION) which never have black outs come rain or sunshine! This blackout also affect the Masogo sub-district hospital which happens to be on the same problematic Miwani line. I am kindly requesting if KPLC can route us to this line so that we stop incurring the many loses for our jua kali and other businesses which is also affecting the hospital because this is our livelihood. My account no. is 2815230 and my mobile no. 0721981203. Hope this will get to the right hand and will be addressed accordingly in a timely manner and with the urgency it deserves. Thank you.

  46. How long does it take to replace a pre paid meter at this era and age?
    Two weeks now in dackness and nothing has been done despite frequent calls and visiting the office.And if it was a transformer?pull up ur socks guys.

  47. I have a major problem with my power .before prepaid meter i usedto end kshs 4000 on average for power. after the prepaid meter im spending kshs 18000 and im sick and tired as nobody responds to complains in kplc. This is sheer theft as nothing has changed in my home .
    In this era and age,as customers of kplc we are doomed as the poor services will now be extended to the whole energy actor .
    Can somebody please advise me on how to get out off Kenya power?




  49. Am in black-out….hav paid for units worth 200ksh bt have still not yet received the digits yet mpesa has send my purchasing message,sort me out

  50. I have been in darkness for the last two days yet I have tokens,(all my neighbours have power!) when i call customer care they promise to have the problem sorted out.How long do I have to wait????

  51. hey guys, my name is Walter. I am an application developer, and i have developed a mobile application that will try and address some of these issues,like token purchasing and raising complains that i plan to roll out and make available for download over the next couple of months.
    I will need some testers for this application, however, as i try to simplify the user experience and i will take some phone numbers that guys have posted here, and call them asking if they would like to take part as beta testers.
    If you are are reading this, and would like to be a part of this project, contact me on 0726805557 . All you will have to do is test the application on a mobile phone that i will provide, and answer few questions that i will ask.
    Regards 🙂

  52. kplc kakamega kindly sort out the issue at amalemba est.we have been experiencing daily black outs esp after 7pm since friday last week.a/c 557490

  53. I bought units worth 1000 Kshs and received a text asking me to ad 78.80 to get credit, should this really happen?? i have been getting different units for the same amount every time i top up, is there something Kenya power is not telling us????? am so frustrated and boooooorrrrrred!!!!! aarrrgh

  54. Hi Guys
    Kindly note that i do not work for Kenya power..i am an independent person, and my project, as much as it is an electricity related application.
    I have no affiliation with the power authorities whatsoever.

  55. i have rented a house. and i have been paying excess money from my landlord..when i have used 16 units i pay around 470. please i feel feed up by this bills. like this month i have used 25 units and there i hikes on kenya power .please send me clean bill that i am supposed to pay ?

  56. Hey guys, i’m done with developing the application. If you have issues with your pre-paid meters or want to contact pre-paid meters customer service numbers download the following application…it tries to address some of the pre-paid issues like knowing how many units you will need and the cost….have a look, see if you like it, and kindly rate the application and leave a review….thanks

  57. l bought 1000/= worth of units via mpesa on 28/09/2013 ref. EA33XZ132 and received acknowledgement from mpesa of my transaction. Todate l have not received any top up code from KPLC while my units keeps diminishing. Please act.
    Tel No 0712999453.

  58. Good morning! I am one of your customer. On Saturday night at 1:00a.m i paid 500 via MPESA to account number 22119849911 and upto date have not received token number. Yesterday i tried paying 50 and i immediately got token number. Kindly check so that i transact the token number now my family needs light. My number is 0727469734. Have been trying to call your number 0722207998 but is not going through.

  59. Why is it that our electricity bill of 3 people is Ksh 16,000.They claim that we had underestimation since April this year 2013.This is not fair at all coz we leave in single rooms n we dont use electricals

  60. wezi tupu hawa ……. Units za punch zinzfaa kua half ya thao … Niliweka 1000 nikapewa units 98 … Sasa nimeweka punch napewa 20units …does that really make sense ….. its time some other investor came in place … To cut kenya powers’ monopoly

  61. Hi,I am requesting to be directed on how to get my money back if I try buying power units to an non existing or an unknown metre number.
    Kindly advice.

  62. I bought a token 0f 550 for metre number 22120271626 I have tried to load it for the past three weeks but it keeps telling me reject Hey guys Wuzzup

  63. Florence Kamau c/o Danson Ndegwa  |  

    I bought a token worth kshs400 on 10th November for account 01452179508. I am still waitnig for the token and it is becoming really expensive to make the customer care calls with the frequent delays.

  64. I bought a token of ksh560 and got this message:
    “mtr no: 4221685843 unknown or invalid,please confirm or contact kplc”
    but the money was well transacted,only to realize I omitted 0(zero) at the beginning on my mtr no. “0”4221685843.

    Please kplc help.

  65. KPLC please style up. I have bought token for KES 1,500 and gotten 65.8 units, earlier i bought for KES 1000 and I got 72.2 units, where is the rationale for these computations? I mean spending KES 1000 is better than KES 1500? can someone please clarify….. otherwise I think KPLC are stilling from us poor Kenyans…

  66. Stealing in the name of technology will not fly in the face of clever Kenyans… a system is supposed to be a dummy thing, you spent 1k, you get 100 units unless someone explains exceptions put in the logic of this billing system so that we know what time of the month is appropriate to buy tokens…. this is pure stealing…

  67. Hi, like Patrick above said i myself too have same problem ad i bought tokens and I have no lights since yesterday .. please i really need your. assistance KPLC

  68. Hi, i would like to know how is it possible KPLC would authorize someone else to order/change someone else meter from post-pay to prepaid. That’s the rude shock i got today. i just saw my neighbor coming to fix the meter. We did not authorize for any change.On inquiry he just laughed. Where can i get assistance.

  69. Date
    17/08/2013 – 2,260.43
    17/09/2013 – 2,475.55
    16/10/2013 – 2,711.99
    26/11/2013 – 9,014.80
    19/12/2013 – 1,323.88
    What happenned in November, 2013 that the bills were so high, please advise me and correct the situation.

  70. I am sitted watching my tokens counting backwards, I spend more than three thousand a month and I wonder how since I only use power for lighting using energy saver bulbs, I cant turn on my refrigerator since then I may end up spending fouor thousand in two weeks, whatever the helplines are for, they have untrained personnel to handle the clients, being a monopoly, kplc doesnt care of the clients complaints, we need tois justmne among the many stu

  71. I bot tokens worth 500 for ac,no 22120320373 only yo b told that it wasn’t enough n tht I needed to add 160 more which I didn’t on 18/12/2013 only to b told tht there was. A problem on tokens they still took my money n until today 28a week later nothing someone pliz help me with a direct line tht I can call

  72. I paid sh. 500 on 25.12.2013 and was given 43.3 tokens.
    On 2/01/2014 i paid sh.300 and was given only 10.1 tokens. Could you kindly clarify the cause of this major deviation on the cost of these tokens?

  73. i tried to load a token into my prepaid meter but unfortunately the last digit did not pick in the screen.i then tried to feed it again for about three times without success.What could be the problem? Is it the meter or the token no.?

  74. How long does it take have the meter connected after the power line has been installed.This is fourth month since the power line was connected and nobody from KPLC calls me to update on when the meter will be connected.My ref E21132012100564 Mutalia area.


  75. hi its me bernard okollah okoth of busia esikulu area,i applied for my electricity early december upto now i havent seen any personnel to the site, and when i call am told that someone was no is E24602013120011 , MY ID NO IS 13706325, FOR HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR ONE TO HAVE THE SERVICE? and its not less than 600 mts radius only two post and it has become any issue almost two months now waz up please let me know on on this no 0721601115 or0707779143 thanks.

  76. Halloo. Am Andalo. My prepaid meter no.04225850025 screen has gone blank for the last 3days. The power is still on but i wanted to feed in the units i have bought but i cant. Pls help. My phone 0722750186:

  77. I laoded Ksh80 via Mpesa as i did not have cash and my units were almost over but to my surprise my money was transfered but i never received a message to tell me the units purchased.even if that amount did not qualify for units,am i not supposed to be informed?i hate this new system..i always loose my money and even get very little units even if i load 1000 bob.kplc you need to up your game.this is very frustrating.Also fire all your customer service staff coz they are just sleeping on their job!!!

  78. whats up with the kplc.i too keep receiving immense fluctuating bill yet i have the same electronics.can the kenya power openly declare how they charge each unit?i think erc is not helping us over this thugery. May the human activist come up to start puting this company to task.they should pay for the damages we incur from power errors.

  79. Hello good people at the rate of our complaints and no one to attend to them i think this country needs a body that will manage KPLC because so far KPLC is untouchable and no one seems to really care the most annoying bit is to have there customer care number on eithr zain or safcom for what ?????????? that we pay for inquiring about the delivery of thea poor services NKT!!!!!!!!

  80. Hi good people. I have been reading your comments and noticed that almost no one uses social media to reach Kenya Power. They have a very strong presence in both Facebook and Twitter where they address most of the issues posted here almost immediately.

    As such, trips to their KP offices need not be,because they call you back immediately(ofcourse after providing your number) and they try their level best to assist. I have never been disspointed delaing witht hem online.

    Please try on Twitter ( and Facebook, ( but mostly Twitter since its faster. Goodluck and Power to All!!

  81. I just bought units for my account 04216620122 and it already deducted the amount via mpesa. then i get a messagge from KPLC that there is a problem generating the tokens…what is the customer care number for the prepaid service? kindly help

  82.  |  

    Our bill for February is 4,014/=. I have never received such a bill,
    the most I have ever paid in my house is 2,300/= and as low as 800/=.
    I do not understand your billing system any more. Kindly confirm this
    bill and amend accordingly before the due date.

    mobile number 0720727666/0720895844

  83. KPLC installed a pre-paid meter late last month. It further honoured a
    meter seperation request that was paid for over an year ago.
    However, when I attempted to buy tokens for the prepaid meter I got a
    message back that meter unknown or invalid.
    I called 95551 severally and there were promises to activate it as they said.
    I have not heard from them and neither have I got the token numbers.

    mobile number 0723362000

  84. What an incompetent institution . How does one buy a token and wait for more than 12hrs , to receive the unit code.
    How can we progress as a Nation, with employees like this? . In other countries KPLC would have to compensate , for lost time – getting through is anightmare . Why post the numbers in the first place. Completely useless and a waste of our resources . Am not holding my breathe for any changes.

  85. kenya power is a dead mammoth. how can a multi billion shilling company say that their system is down? so what will happen when they roll out prepaid metre systems all over the country? you may have to buy electricy worth hundresd of thousand in advance just incase it takes a month to top up smaller denominations.

    WAS GIVEN A NEW METER-1410580949
    PREVIOUS ONE WAS 14104098877
    I HAD PAID 1000/- FOR THIS TOKEN–7012322611984560443 AND 200=/ 6888 1133 3034 34470 1311

  87. This kplc is full if crap! I bought tokens worth 700shs 2 weeks ago and got 54.8 units and today I bought tokens worth 700she again and got 34.6 units! Are you guys trying to tell me that am not good at math or what? Kindly make it clear to consumers the rationale you use for computing the units cz it looks like you are stealing from us! Wish we had another alternative power supplier than kplc. This is the problem with monotony!!!!

  88. I really cant understand whatsap with this company. Ok i am to pay just 300 to earn some unit now u guyz tell me add about 500 kes. After being considerate in ua part u tell me agen add sam 88 kshs …back to console myself i pay ova that amount full of hurt u need anatha 16 kshs…..wait ….”’IS THIS THE MEANING OF PREPAID”! I WONDER! and still after pilling ua figures u tell me the token generation has a problem.. Please help meter no. 14104524880….caz am having thoughts bout a solar panel

  89. @all. What you do, get an electrician, disable the damn prepaid meter, enjoy free power till they fix their meter. Pure, plain and simple. Their inefficiency should never constititute an inconvenience on your side. I repeat, Their inefficiency should never constititute an inconvenience on your side

  90. please help me out my mtr no.01450046956 bought units the reply said that the account no. is unknown and i have been using it every month

  91. eliphas letting  |  

    Problem 1:
    March 3rd 2014: bought tokens worth ksh 500… received 38.2 units
    March 17th 2014 bought tokens worth ksh 1000… received 55.3 units
    I am good in Math, statistics, moving averages, triangulation, extrapolation, and deriving formulas… 1. What formula do you guys use? 2. Assuming that the “monthly standard fee” had been charged in my first purchase on March 3rd 2014, wouldn’t my units for the second purchase be more than 76?
    Scenario 2:
    6 days later, March 23rd 2014.. remaining units 45. No power in my house… ati meter haipitishi moto yet I have units in it. The agent and the caretaker in the house I live have apparently been vistiing stima plaza and are given the 955XXX as the reference to my problem!! Seriously? What the hell is going on? 8 days later, no power, vitu kwa fridge imeharibika, have had to spend over 5k to buy rechargable lamps, and just at your mercies!!!
    Meter number: 22119909186

  92. my acc no 22120184191……..have bought shs400 token but on putting it nothing is responding…had the same issue a week ago and the kplc guys came but now the same issue again pleas come to my rescue am stuck.

  93. whatformula do you guys use? meaning whats your monthly standard fee charges per month and your charges per unit,its realy confusing one pays for tokens 2 or 3 times in a month and is given less units each time please can you guys send me your tarrif plan such that i can budget my self next time i pay for my tokens client mtr. no 01450226426

  94. kindly help reallocate this Mpesa PRE-PAYMENT :EW20FT708 ksh.220 paid in Acc.14140742321 instead of 14140752321 thro 0728922098

  95. My account number (01450616972).My prepaid meter is blinking for a month now.I have reported the matter on phone and no action has been taken to-date.This number (95551),is better its not advertised,its always busy.Please KPLC, its high time you move with the changing times by putting in mind what happened to the kenya post and telecommunication coperation as a lesson.

  96. I have been pre paying my bills via mpesa, and my approximate monthly consumption has been khs 500,this month out of my balance of khs1000 plus l was given a bill ofkhs4887.44 ebill. Is this correct? And why? Kitale office. My ac no. 3622368-01.

  97. Can somebody tell me the processes of applying for the post paid meters after switching to prepaid and the meters collected by the KPLC agents

  98. There is a kalenjin elderly lady and a youngish kikuyu guy on her left who are only interested in eating when you enquire for the refund. They want a share of the deposit. The keep on sending you and asking you to come back later until you comprehend. I’m a victim

  99. How do i turn off the beeping of my prepay meter (01451023657). I have 13 units remaining and it starts beeping when my units get to 19.

  100. PLEASE can we have the standard cost per unit? how can i buy token worth kshs 400 only to be given 0.3 units and after one hour i buy tokes for kshs 500 to be given 9 units.

  101. I paid the indicated amount and i have not been allocated any units.
    EZ86JQ624 Confirmed. Ksh200.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 14140647935 on 2/5/14 at 8:12 PM
    New M-PESA balance is Ksh4,661.00.

  102. Mtr No : 14105437017 is unknown or is invalid ,Please confirm or contact KPLC. please assist I called the customer care an officer there told me my account was inactive it needed activation. so I’m required to provide the previous metre no. my worry is this metre no. had been in use prior. please kplc advice the way forward and how come money from my mpesa account was deducted if the mtr no is inactive

  103. John mwakoji Mwandoto  |  

    Thanks for the email bill for 799/Sungululu plz send me that for Chaani 9/123 in the same name urgently im far away from msa.

  104. Kenya Power…you are really frustrating us with these prepaid meters. First you force us to have them, and you have not even been fully trained nor are you prepared for any eventualities and how to trouble shoot issues arising from its processing. Secondly, buying a token is a whole large process. How can we buy a token and after 2 fuckin days we dont see no fuckin token? Embarrassing. You cant even sms your customers to tell them you have an issue. Your customer service sucks. Third is that the tokens have become so expensive for us Kenyans. Draining like hell the moment you load the little token you can afford. With the many blackouts, am wondering where these units are disappearing to. Lastly, your response to power problems is just unacceptable. We bring even written complaints, give them to your managers, but the issues remain unresolved…ati the manager is attending a meeting. Kwani us who also attend various meetings at our workplaces, how do we serve customers? Style up and serve Kenyans accordingly. Your monopoly days are numbered. I swear, you will go down one fuckin day…watch this space…. Your Kisii office is like hell. Suck that manager.

  105. My wife ( 072X XXX 397) bought a token on 3rd June 2014 ( Meter No 04215151582). Up to now, she has not gotten token. This is not the first time this is happening. Last year I went to the Nairobi office hoping your “competent” staff would solve my dilemma, but the response was….wait. We have been waiting. BY THE WAY, DO YOU AUDIT YOUR SYSTEM TO MAKE SURE THAT SOMEONE IS NOT ILLEGALLY BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE FROM OUR HARD EARNED MONEY? This is unacceptable. I think the earlier you do the AUDIT, the better because it will one day the sewer will break loose and the horrible sight will be ugly to behold.

  106. My God KPLC I don’t know what your people are doing but you are all soo fake. Asking money money and again money and no services. I really hope that one day there will be a other compagny like that you will get some competition and maybe you will take the services abit more serious and stop taking the people for your pocket money bank. Really I don’t understand how your people can disconnect the peope with a 400/= Ksh bill and then asking for 500 or 1000 bob more (pocket money ) to reconnect the stima. And by the way when you disconnect the meter and get the 500 bob to reconect its not on the bill this . This is a prove of pocket money. Really shamefull actions from KPLC.

  107. I bought token using M-pesa transaction FF70EY341 for Kshs
    550.00 but I instead put a wrong meter no.14140163539 instead of 14140162539 pliz assis t urgently
    Before I ran out of power

  108. I am really disappointed by kplc. Full of arrogance and acting helpful when your service is crap. Most Kenyans are complaining of your service, you blindly taking money from the innocent to fill your hungry pockets. Remember….WALWDNFWDNF

  109. I bought a token worth 1800 and what i got was just shocking.i got 0.3 can any one help out.the other tim i bought a token worth 1550 and i got1.7 for a different meter this is questionable andan explanation

  110. My prepaid meter is always blicking meaning I can’t top-up for the last 3mths and now I’m in darkness despite daily calls to the Contact Center staff. My Acno. is 01450176613 tell me what to do or where else I should call to have this matter sorted. Remember getting through your nos is also a nightmare.

  111. Seriously, i dont know what to call kplc…maybe kptc. i have been getting 17.1 units for ksh 1000. Is this really fair? Whats worse is that theres no effort of any help from their side to explain the reason of this issue. For them thinking to bring the prepaid meter is shame in the first place..very sad indeed. Kenyans are getting more frustrated day by day at their services.. Remember..WALWDNFWDNF

  112. What is this “Total Debt” claim?!!!!!!! It looks like theft to me. A budget of 1,000 would roughly get 60 units, now because of this mysterious charge called “Total Debt” am now 30 units short. Can someone inform the authorities of this malpractice, I think this is theft in broad daylight

  113. Christine Mugwere  |  

    Wow. This Prepaid electricity must be minting MADD CASH for KPLC. The varying number of units one gets for the same amount of cash on different dates just stinks. Why can’t KPLC publish a schedule of units to be purchased with their corresponding cost (Ksh)? Or at the very least warn of the escalating variable costs? At this rate it’s high time the consumer seriously considered alternative sources of power akina solar, geothermal, wind energy… Hata biogas ni afadhali #Useless!

  114. What the heck is happening to kenya power i mean its gonna come a time we rather do without lights and become a dark nation ……39 units for a 1000 bob guyz ( kenya power ) u cant be srs…:(:(:(:(

  115. All those concerned and perturbed can contact me we file a case against this thug called KPLC whatever. Im a lawyer but i cant do it alone. I’m sooooo tired.


  117. What shud I do 2my prepaid meter now that I have already paid more than 1750 and no clear feedback as all my tokens are rejected. I realy hate this ju ni kama kuibia wakenya bana n niko kwa darkness for 2days na akuna venye nasaidika after even making long calls 2 customer care charging mi a lot. meter no. 14106092332

  118. As I said in my commentary that’s missing for reasons unkown. Whoever is interested let’s join hands and take this KPLC to court.
    I’m a Lawyer but I can’t do it alone.

  119. Hallo Kenya power,

    Re:Invalid meter number.14104129110 6

    I am living in a rented house in pipeline, Nairobi and I have lived in dark for over a month because I am not ble not buy tokens because the when I try to buy I get response that the meter is invalid. The meter number written on the card is 14104129110 6. I conacted your customer care and they were of no help. Kindly assist.

  120. whats the minimum amount to buy a credit in prepaid and why is it token given varries from one figure to the other yet same amount used to buy the tokens?

  121. I have a complain about my Agent in the plot I stay,the ground floor with around 13 rooms are using stima free and the meters are still reading 30 from December upto date…..he decided to put off all ground floor except 3 houses….he is saying those meters are BLOCKED…please can you confirm if it’s true with this meter 14106839468

  122. Kplc my prepaid meter 14106896922 inactive!!!! 4 days of calling contact centre. Nothing happening. I visited your offices today told issue is sorted but am still unable to load that account. HHHEEELLLPPP!! Wapi customer service??

  123. I bought units this morning for Ksh1000 and I haven’t received my token up to now. KPLC its about time you hire professionals to do your work since your too lazy even to pick calls, Give me a response ASAP my meter no is 14106103147

  124. Is it true that if you mpesa money for tokens past 7 o’clock, they delay until the next day?? & please help us know how much a unit costs & any other charges that you make

  125. Lucy wairimu wambui  |  

    Am soooo very dissapointed by kenya power, wat on earth meks them extort money from us i thot that by applying for prepaid tokens i had locked out extortion, bribery estimations, dissapointments, bur wat i av come to notice is that they av advanced even more in this, how is it possible that i bought 200 worth of power n shortly i receive a text sayin that i shud add 670 more to get credit, i then complied only to received another message saying that i have a problem of token generation, how on earth is that my problem, am ssoooooooo much pissed by kenya power nkt am soo dissapointed, am kamin to ur offices becouse am an idler i don av anything else to do apart from kaming there nkt.

  126. Kplc field officers or meter reading don’t estimate things which could not match am very dissapointed to receive a negative msg that could not match with my meter readings how could u do such things?i would also not fear to say those called them field officers if u r lazy at ua work u better quit Kericho is what am talking about estimating meter readings is what i don’t agree pliz don’t sleep on ua job..

  127. when you gaiz come to cut electricity in plots you are normally too fast but now dat a transformer has bliwn you,you dnt even care..i have been without lights since wednesday last week almost a whole area in dandora phase just because a transformer sure you have been called lije forever .please do ehat is necassary.

  128. I bought my token for 500/- they gave me ,35 units and I had a balance of 74 units so the total was 110 units in total going check it a gain I found the 35 units are missing. My question is where did my 35 units go

  129. wat are thise depts that we usualy get evry time we want to reload our meters….its very dissapointing wen we thot that the improved technology will make us save more bt its the other way round…we need to put an end on this…

  130. Hello,
    I bought a token for 300ksh since yesterday to meter number 14103954260 and i have not received anything. Kplc say something pls.


  132. KPLC have all this customer care numbers which they never pick up and poor communication on social media … wtf!!! ts goddamn frustrating

  133. I bought Shs.500 and given 12units three days ago for today I got 22.1units and finally Kshs. 1,000 and given 42units waz up KPLC. Thieves, thieves thieves, thieves!!!!!!!!!! You know how to get money from people but not responding on their issues, wake up and correct your systems. Thieves!!!

  134. Kplc ,kenya power or watever they cal themselves.. I just want to sum up all my complaints n throw them to the trash because complainin to this guys is like flirting with ur own daughter or son.. LAZY is an understatement.. if only Kengen n other companies wud cover a large area I wud change in an instant.. REMOVE UR METERS KPLC. THEY R USLESS AS UR STAFF.

  135. I have topped my meter with 200/=but kplc message that I have been brought is that there is a problem now I am wondering where has my money gone? account 14107226343

  136. I use prepaid and I must say it is actually much easier to regulate my power consumption on this system. However, I have one problem. I moved from one apartment to another within the same building and I left a lot of units in my former room. Isn’t there a way I can transfer the units to my new meter? Please advice

  137. I bought token through airtel money K.SH 150 only to be told to add get credit. i added 50 and upto now av not received any message. i had to purchase again 200 does it mean my 200 is gone.

  138. Its a shame.. none of your complain no goes through. I have paid 5000 to buy tokens through mpesa. Since yesterday night… no tokens.
    What is the use to talk big when you are all useless people

  139. My first time to use this. I am next to Rongo University my account is 3187778-01 no power for three days I understand someone is just interfering with the line. Tried to call your contacts in Kisii and Migori without success. I pay for these services, don’t I?

  140. Dear customer care, i bought some token two days ago worh 300,kshs through M-PESA,.THE AMOUNT WAS SEND TO KPLC but i did not get the tokens,my metre number is 04215144603,kindly advice,thanks
    jones kiema

  141. I believe it has always been an elaborate plan to rip off Kenyans. Why introduce the prepaid meters then still charge a standing fee for the meter readers who nolonger apply. Y make pple pay via mpesa yet ur systems r faulty n never upgraded? We need transparency.

  142. what a rip off.1 paid 230 shillings and got 28.2 units thirty minutes later I paid 600 shillings and got 29.1 units!!!!! what criteria do they use in awarding tokens yet any call to their hotline is never answered?

  143. I paid 870 for my meter Mtr No: 01450540560 Date :2015-01-27 07:06:43 +0300 : Problem with token generation,Please contact KPLC. havent received token yet.


  145. Emmanuel Alusiola  |  

    I paid last month 400 bob&i was given 22units,later on i paid 280 bob &i was given 7units…does this thing really work or it is someone’s fate???

  146. For how long are we going to be in the dark?its 3weeks now since a poll fell down thus no power supply,we have called but no reponse.makueni county,nzaui,ndovea village..

  147. Hello.

    What causes a pre paid meter error to occur? Why don’t you have any technicians on duty over the weekend to assist pre paid meter customers when these errors occur?

  148. hello Kenya power kindly let us know if it is intentional that we cannot buy tokens from vendors.
    We are left with just one option to buy using MPESA. Since December there is always a down time. I am so annoyed with your services. its such a rip off for all people to be paying 22 for each transaction. Make it clear on print media advising us that hakuna pata pawa …pay 22 shillings via mpesa and you will get power in your house.

  149. i pay 100 with airtel line 0787651836 for no. 14105806740 i din’t get ti message kindly advices coz if i try to call your no. 95551 tiz not working and i need power

  150. Greetings,

    Since yesterday, Monday, March 30, morning, we tried to load pre-paid meter No. 04225766957 at Dayspring Flats, Kariobangi South. It failed to load, showing E07.

    On calling customer care, we were given the ref # 207194 and informed that some of your people were on the way and would fix it.

    Come evening, no one had shown up and, on calling again, we were advised to switch off the main for 20 minutes and try again. We did that 3 times and nothing worked.

    Calling again this afternoon, we were referred to prepaid 0203211000 which says it is out of service and so tried 0203201000 from your website, but after waiting for an operator for 10 minutes, I thought there’s no one at that end and hung up.

    Hence this email seeking assistance on the said meter.

    Best regards,


  151. its really disgusting how these guys work, i bought tokens worth 500kshs and was send a message that the money was not enough and that is should add kshs22, i did add Kshs 100 and i got another message that i add Kshs422, from easter friday, its now sunday morning only to get tokens that dont exist, the token has 20digits that their system says recharge failed. No one picks my calls, what do you guys expect me to do

  152. we’ve been without lights for the last four days and today you guyz came but still we have no lights but other places something anout this meter number is 14103940665 in dandora area four.

  153. have been trying to top up the response I get is that the account format is wrong… plus I want to get rid of the beeping sound pliz. its the latest meter just installed a month ago

  154. Rebecca eshimuli  |  

    am wondering how long it takes to get power connection because i applied in February.. paid the required amount but to date i have no power…all i get are empty promises of tomorrow tomorrow… what is the problem?

  155. Seriously, how long does it take to generate the units after buying tokens. I bought tokens at 9:30Am and now its 4:30 and still no units. i keep calling KPLC and the keep saying they are following up. What is it exactly that t hey are following up, its not like they will refund me the ksh 200 airtime i’ve used calling them. If you going to keep people waiting, give us a toll free number.!

  156. Whats up with your tokens, l bought token on 21/4/15 at 7.15 am of ksh100, l haven’t received up to date, my units are almost over. Why do you want me to stay in darkness when l have already paid?
    Your lines are very busy. I want something done by end of today, stop ripping innocent Kenyans like me.

  157. what is happening there Kplc? you haven’t send my token units yet have paid ksh525 and it’s almost three hours and your customer care number are not working. please let me know how I can be helped.

  158. what is happening there Kplc? you haven’t send my token units, meter number is:37125109159 yet have paid ksh525 and it’s almost three hours and your customer care number are not working. please let me know how I can be helped.

  159. I sent 8000 through mpesa 3 hours ago and no tokens yet. All numbers are busy or disconnect as soon as they go through. Hot line indeed;

  160. I bought a token today of 500 and there was no reply again I bought another for 300 and no reply my account is 22119876013 kindly am in the dark

  161. I bought two tokens through mpesa on 22-April 2015 Mpesa Ref. JDM4A6ZOVW worth 100ksh and another on the same day Mpesa Ref. JDM9A77R1R worth 20ksh. there has been no response and calls to KPLC customer care is a big sham! all lines are busy or nobody picks the phone. Is this a way to rip off Kenyans why ask Kenyans to pay via Mpesa without adequate capacity to handle traffic.

  162. hi,i bought prepaid tokens yesterday through airtel money and i have not received them upto now.the transaction id was units are almost off.please sort me as short as possible

  163. I purchased a token for Kshs. 500.00 through Mpesa on 2nd April 2015 at about 7.31 P.M. unfortunately i entered a wrong account number 04258027185 instead of 04218027185. I have repeatedly called KPLC Customer care on nos. 95551 – 0703070707 & 0732170170 but never got through using the last two numbers. I managed to go through the first one, and have spent about Kshs. 200.00 airtime, holding on for a customer service assistance without any response.

    Can my above account be credited with the Kshs. 500.00 sent to the wrong account as i see myself spending more money making calls which are never answered.

    Chris Mukungl

  164. Kplc bungoma branch is really frustrating us we lost power on thursday frm 2pm till today morning.But by it had already disappeared.When we complain to the office they only promise to sort us .Who can assist as coz we are tired of this blackouts.

  165. seriously,Kenya Power your so slow.U need to upgrade your systems.For 3hrs now i havent got my 1000bob worth tokens.Safaricom responded in secs that the money has been transfered to Kplc.Will u take years to process the units? Its so frustrating when one needs power desparately,pay s for it and cant get the same in the same urgency

  166. spencer okello  |  

    Hey I’ve deposited shs 530 to this kplc account 888880 to top ul my metre account but they keep telling me to add money..please assist me

  167. whats wrong with KPLC…
    bought tokens twice via mpesa and am yet to receive them?!
    kindly…I need your help…
    have even bought some more now but all in vain…
    here is my meter no. 14107077878

  168. john wanyoike  |  

    power went of on surturday in my house when the power ws back my house is no more getting electricity i filled a complain on prepaid meter my refrence no is212493 kindly assist

  169. A’m James i paid Token of Ksh.1,000/= on 05/04/2015 for meter No. 14234413749 Token message supporsed to gave me 66.4 reading but since then up to date 06/05/2015 MSSG No. 28747531194672 absolutely nothin fruitful has been done. I wonder if realy we are going digitals or digital brokers with such big CO-oprative Co. Hope K.P.L.C will be ready to pay damages has soon my last units off. since i reported to them wether direct or through arms of law. 0725 238699 Kasarani/sunton area

  170. i am very angered with this useless company. you are very slow to respond to situations. at the moment since 8.00 in the morning there are no lights. whats disturbing is that other houses have electricity while others don’t. try to call your numbers they are ever busy. writing an email you guys reply an email for the sake off. if only kplc can get another competitor i guess everybody would rush there as we see this company going to its knees. when it rains lights go off, just a small drizzle lights go off. just because you do not have quality of your work so as to be paid overtime.

  171. Guys no lights since yesterday yeah i understand maybr coz of rains but its not raining now please be kind enough to restore them. Ngummo area…
    Thank God for technology and education in a few years people wont be dependant on you guys.. Annoyed customer

  172. hi,i registered my token meter and i’m been buying token twice but the time when i went to buy the units it refused saying the meter is not registered, i went to where i registered it they said it is registered. plz help me i’m in dark now

  173. i bought token of kshs 348 mtr no.14106881130 and there was problem with token generation from 9am till now have not received my units

  174. I have bought tokens for my meter 221189688962 but every time I feed the digits the meter continues showing the kwh as 000 with no power in the house. I called the customer care twice but none told me anything of significant help. one actually told me to switch off my meter from the main switch and turn it on again which I did..but still no power. please look into the matter

  175. kplc u reeeaaaaallllyyyy suck!!I wish someone else was to do this job.u r such a powerful monopoly n u can’t even afford a toll-free numbers?nkt!,style up!,
    u always hanging our token money nktest!

  176. Power on and off as from yesterday since hakuna mafuta ya transformer…can you organize yourselves you are inconveniencing us…account no.4854356-01 in Changamwe.


  178. Good Evening,
    I kindly need some assistance ASAP because ive not been able to buy token through mpesa since 28.06.15 upto date 02.07.15 i do not understand where the problem is because im getting a message that the format of the account incorrect i have used paybill no.888880 and my meter 01450130883 and its the same procedure i have been using through out.

    Please look into this matter urgenly because i called kplc call center and it was confirmed that there is no problem and informed to call safaricom care center to check whether mpesa is ok.Safaricom on their end have confirmed there is no problem.My question is am i the one to suffer because of that?????i am soo dissapointed in this

  179. Hi. Kindly assist me… I mistakenly bought token worth 1k for metre n.o 14107474695 instead of 14107466907. Have called customer care n.o 0703070707 thrice today but I haven’t been assisted. I was asked to wait for the three occasions but nothing…

  180. I am one of the dissatisfied/disappointed customers and wish to lodge a motion that power supply monopoly in Kenya should come to a stop. Let us have other competitors who are ready to cope up with the demand and can offer value for money.

    I have had several issues with KPLC account no: 82585-01, my many visits to KPLC stima plaza last year were not fruitful, I was sent to several managers who were not ready to commit or make a decision. I have been paying huge amounts of money to KPLC (82585-01 check this account), my efforts to protest are delayed with no proper /mutual understanding. they disconnect mercilessly forcing me to pay with no choice. I paid around 52k in November last year, and without shame this month they have sent me a bill of 38k, I have not even recovered from last shock. I have been paying bills every month to add to that a representative from KPLC has been reading my meter monthly. I have sent several mails to the customer center, made many calls which go unanswered or left hanging. My efforts to get pre-paid meter last year was taken in cycles till I gave up. can some one send me direct contacts to MD Ben Chumo to sort me out as his officers are on sleep. I am sick and tired of this KPLC monster, we need a change.

  181. JGD4PNFOUW Confirmed. Ksh200.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 01450666068 on 13/7/15 at 6:23 PM New M-PESA balance is…. have not gotten my token bought it few minutes ago today,plz send.

  182. I paid ksh 400 I was given 0.4 unit what went wrong can someone explain to me 0.4 unit which cannot even last me for one day in my business kplc is robbing us

  183. Kplc Kplc …whats wrong with you guys?At gatundu in my village yaani we have paid the same amount with others and u av connected some of the houses leaving others…Whats up here?need smone to explain

  184. Hi..u need to employ other customer care personnel bcs ur customer care is not upto standards.especially the ones at Naivas supercentre


  186. If I was th president all rude personel in government institutions, faulty public customer care numbers, kanju harrasing people and all government staff harrassing and exploiting people would feel me home ata nyinyi mpige izo simu then you get a message there all busy your credit is being consumed your on strict budget and this is what they do believe you me they would go home and be a lesson to others, and don’t get me wrong the prezo now is doing great things to improve our nation.

  187. We recently moved from postpay to prepay but kplc never gave us a new account number and adviced us to use the previous,Yesterday i loaded 700 on 3401950-01 just to be told am supposed to use 14246453675.Kindly transfer the total amount that is in my previous account which is almost,1860 to my prepaid account.

  188. Kenya Power Embu branch customer care is a disaster. u go to complain about a huge bill at 10:00am, you are told, Am busy doing something come back at 2:00pm. you go back again at 2pm you are kept there. After you are served in less than 2 minutes. Why didn’t that person spare those 2 minutes at 10am when i went there? This is so bad. I had to wait from 10:am till that long. Then there is no need to have a customer care dpt. Embu branch take note. Especially the ladies there are so rude. Infact its a lady who told me. Am doing something come back later.

  189. Jonah Mabua Daniel  |  

    Kindly I have paid 2000Kshs. to KPLC mombasa from monday 10.08.2015, but uptp today am in darkness. Why am I being treated this way. I feel very intimidated by this action.My hse no: H3 – 303 am at KPA – Gorofani estate.

  190. KPLC, you guys are such a cartel. I paid 1800bob to get tokens and all I could get is 1.5 units. Is it that I was given a metre that had arrears?

  191. I’m very disappointed we wine up in the morning and the lights decided to go the metre shows I have 35.37 tokens and yet power is not there what could be the problem?

  192. i recently moved from post-pay to prepay and i was given mtr NO:14243006229 but when i send money to it via m pesa i get the below message
    ( mtr NO:14243006229,Token generation failed,please contact KPLC).Please i need your urgent response.

  193. The guys in Nakuru branch are just Kisii Varnacular they talk arrogantly. I paid 2200 for tokens and meter token kit had not been activated. I reported the problem for times. the last time i went there i was told.’boss kwani hauna kazi ingine ya kufanya’ with a kisii tone in a rude manner.

  194. i bought tokkens worth 2000bob you gave me 115units,why less?according to your price per unit is 0-50unt=2.50bob per unit & as from 50-1500units is 13.68bob per unit so where are my 37units?acct 14243777647

  195. KPLC on 29/08/2015 i bought tokens for 1,000 i was given 47.4 units only on 11/09/2015 i bought tokens for 1000 and i was given 72 units .please sent me the 24.6 units

  196. Paid into 2 invalid accounts 14107244189 kshs 500/- 8/9/15 Recp. JI821PP7N6 and 14243635503 kshs 500/- 12/9/15 Recp. JIC62KU2DY my correct prepaid account is 22119935751 my units are running down assist.

  197. Faulty Metre. We have been contacting customer service desk with an issue of our Metre where it’s not working. Once you top up the Token you stay a while it goes to – ve figure and lights goes off. This week only we’ve spent over 4000ksh all in the name of waiting for a technician called Eric assigned to our issue but never shows up. Following to our reference 233460 can something seriously happen and we have it fixed??. Frustrated customer from hunters kasarani

  198. Hello.
    I applied for my home connection in nakuru and all my neighbours have been connected and am yet to be coonnected.Its now 3 months and the agent doesnt seem to care.
    What can i do?

  199. KPLC we are really tired of your pathetic services. I have been calling customer service routinely for the last 4 months that our phase, serving a whole area behind Monaco-Kasarani keeps on failing. All I get is a reference number. Your technicians show up only to replace fuses which then blow up after hours. Please help, I dont want any more reference numbers that never sort out the issue.

    • they are runing the best scam un noticed,how many kenyans do u think complain abt this evryday.once mpesa confirms payent and they dont fulfil their obligation,thats called theft.

  200. Kindly assist! I prepaid four times through this account i.e, 14245321923 but did not receive any token. If you don’t mind please help where necessary:
    a) 21st Sept Ksh.250
    b) 23rd Sept, 2015 JIN95149DR PAY BILL Ksh.330 KPLC PREPAY.
    c) 4th Oct, 2015 Ksh.30
    d) 4th Oct, 2015 JJ4378LKGV PAY BILL Ksh. 120

    • The prepaid meters normally comes with a standing charge of 30units and before you purchase any token always make sure you pay ksh600 or more and you will get the token. For more information we can still help you. 0771285745

  201. I purchased token of ksh 522 through this phone number 0716172385 since yesterday and haven’t received token number and have contacted customer care and there is no help.

    • I don’t get up kplc..u see people complaining all the time and it’s the same issue and u don’t even react, for more than 5yrs all comments are the same, people are struggling day and nyt just to pay ur bill and u treat us like we are the one with a problem and we should deal with it…remember without us ur customers u will not be were u r…so serve us right, n y do we have to pay for ur customer service..atleast let the cost be down cz we call all day n week and u dont pick up our calls….do justice….i dont even see the need for this collumn…people will complain all day with no response from u or any action… we want action not a forum for grieves cz u already know our problems… now please try work on them

    • Mtr No:37152336204 purchased token worth sh348 via m pesa on 25/3/16 up to date no units received. What might be the problem?

  202. I have bought 200 shilings tokens then i have deleted the message by mistake my meter number is 04220053963 please send me the message again

  203. I purchased tokens around 2.30 PM of k sh 10 and additional of 300 but as at now which 9.30 PM I have not received any meter number is 14103950263 and my number is 0722712130.all calls to the contact centre are not being answered

  204. My account is 14106394274 i bought units worth 480bob have been waiting for the token for almost 2hrs. No one is responding to the hotlines i called. Please help

    • bought token worth522yesterday and the reply i got was that there is a problem with token regeneration in darkness please help my meter number is 14251323169

    • Scovia Ambachi  |  

      Hello KPLC team,
      Kindly assist me reverse my tokens paid to KPLC PREPAID account No.15106298012, paid on 3/5.2016 at 5:25PM. My account – theright one is 14106298012.
      This was done via MPESA confirmed as KE30NTAIDM, amount Ksh.400.00

      I will appreciate your support in this regard.


  205. My account number is 01450437692 and 01450437684 paid 600 and 300 respectively at 7.30 but no response yet up to now at 9.16. what is wrong? the response has always been almost immediately whenever I pay.

  206. Hi plz my meter no is 14106507032 hv called now for weeks please kindly help me get the power as soon as possible please kplc ref no 239620

  207. I purchased stolen worth 100 and 300 through mpesa,the reply was that there is a problem in token generation contact kplc.acc no-14104607412.
    phone-0715684411.please help

  208. Justin Bundi Gichatha  |  

    I purchased a token of ksh 700, at around 15:00hrs, and up to now no reply from your end. My phone No. 0727109149, Acc no. 14106889943. What happened?

  209. Nyayo Estate Embakasi has been without electricity most of this week. No explanation from KPLC. Surely it cannot be due to repairs because this has been the order of the day formonths and months.My suspicion is that it is due to faulty equipment. How can one buy equipment that requires repair /rehabilitation on a daily basis. I am sure electrical engineering is not that shoddy and costly. What we are experiencing is very likely to be a result of some past shoddy workmanship or shoddy procurement. It cannot be the standard practice in all countries. We need an explanation from the Minister. electricity is no now an essential part of our lives. A lot of GDP is lost through irregular supply of electricity to our estate.

  210. Apondi Pilipiance  |  

    Kindly assist me retrieve my ksh. 100 token I entered the wrong account no. I.e 37166737473 instead of 37155737473 which is my correct account/ mtr no.

  211. My account no.22119923120 i have bought credit worth 3200 and up to now i haven’t received a token i’m just being told to add more money to get credit.

  212. I have been feeding token no.09215350648679405400 on meter no.22120090091 but is not taken in. Please help me or activate this account to let me have power.

    Thank you.

  213. KPLC CUSTOMER SERVICE isreally frustrating. I have spent lots of airtime trying to get to an agent to no avail. Just shut it down already together with the tokens because you not helping at all..

  214. Whats the m,ax time i should wait to receive a token after purchasing. it has been 2 hours now and i have not received it for A/C 04220176780, tel 0726142159.  |  

    two hours and still waiting for a token . How much tme does it take??

  215. my account is1423900949 i bought units by mpesa confirmation JL17K5KWZ5 at 1.43pm till now i have not received the units i have called your numbers no one is picking can i get some help this is very frustrating .

  216. stop stealing from kenyans,how do i pay 500kshs for tokens and i get nothing,i try buying for 50 kshs thats when u send the damn tokens,today ive bought tokens worth 200
    kshs and ive been waiting for 3 hours,Mpesa receipt no iz JL13K5NN3T meter no 14107618408 ,stop frustrating Kenyans , thank God i didnt spend much,

  217. Is this a rip off some sort? You think its funny feeding all your money to a kplc account ? Ipay a hundred you say add another 74 i add another 100 and so on eventually paying 175 after getting ripped off of over 300… Totaling to 475, and then you give me 13 units for 175.. I paid for my services and it is a criminal offence if i don’t get my service by pay, that is called stealing … A multi million company, preying over kenyans.. You Are subject to sue
    .. You may ignore this but the multitude you have taken advantage of will see…
    Third world or not we are still human beings with rights
    KPLC no we’ve lived under your oppression too long…

  218. please assist me to know my kplc meter number i want to buy a token, because am dialing 200 and it’s not displaying the meter number.

  219. Whats wrong with my meter? It is alwys telling ‘‘error‘‘ followed by “failed” feedbacks whenever i enter anything. What shoukd i do so it cab stop this bad manners. Please help me coz am in darkness.

  220. I have paid 170 bob for my pre paid meter no 14240325382 using 0708220323 and I can’t get my token simply because you are requesting for 4bob… please look at my issue

  221. Bought tokens worth 1044 yesterday, but still in darkness. The only reply I received is that my metre has problems with the token generation. Please advice coz it was installed Last week with only 3 tokens in it.

  222. Raphael Kimutai Koech  |  

    My account is 3412382-01.On 10/12/2015, I paid through Mpesa ksh.500, received at 01:19;14 as my pill unfortunately when they replied, the account number shown is 0341238-01. This money went to the wrong account and I am asking for your assistance to recover and place on the right account as shown. The Mpesa Ref: JL95M6BBV9. My ID.10382226. Please notify me of the outcome

  223. I bought tokens and after keying in the number i received from kplc, it just displays failed, i don’t know what’s the problem please help, meter no14245836458

  224. Kenya power your services are pathetic, here in mathare No 10 we have no power now for a month and you keep on sending very corrupt service men, but each and every time they have to be given kitu kidogo for them to offer the services in which there salaries are being paid…. I wish you had a competitor.

  225. I bought Kshs.300 token last night for at exactly 7.19pm.It deducted y m-pesa account but later on at exactly 8.28pm, i received a reply that ‘Token generation failed,and i should contact KPLC’ what does that mean?

  226. Yesterday I bought tokens via mpesa for meter no. 01451061228 and the message I have received is saying that meter number not activated so return my money

  227. Kindly I have stayed for two weeks without power.I did send on 30/11/2015,7/12/2015,12/12/2015 ksh 180,ksh 800 and ksh 200 respectively total in the acc.ksh 1180.I still do not have electricity,please account 14241184192.Thank you.

  228. My account is 14243196137 i bought units worth 400bob have been waiting for the token for almost 4hrs. No one is responding to the hotlines i called. Please help

  229. I hate this pre paid thing, ua customer service do pick calls bought tokens and I havent received my tokens, Mt No 14240487828, Tel No 0721-685421. What am I supposed to do with this reference No 2394554

  230. Prepaid meter is pathetic I prefer we go back to post paid because peoples money is getting lost and Kplc cannot account let alone take responsibility

  231. meter no. 14140700726
    On 22/12/2015(yesterday) I send kshs500 to purchase token. Was told not sufficient & should add 1688/-  to get credit. I’ve obeyed your directive & done so.

    Surprisingly u’ve again told me to add 255.05/- to get credit!
    Total payment shall be kshs. 2443.05/-
    May I have a sadisfactory explanation for this?

  232. I have a new prepaixd meter and staying at Nkoroi Rongai. I purchased tokens for 700/-. 800/- then 1000/- and never got token numbers though each time purchase was confirmed by KPLC.

  233. my account number is.14106711014 i bought units worthy 696bobhave been waiting for the token for almost 9hrs.the hotline number is not going through pls help

  234. for ref: mpesa confirmation sms number is JLR6QFDF3Y for 496 bob and JLR0QFBL6Q for 200bob totaling to phone number is still waiting pls

  235. My prepaid meter through which you enter tokens became faulty a while ago. I live in Pangani a stone’s throw away from Stima Plaza. I reported a week ago(21st Dec) and was promised someone would rectify the problem the following day.No one came and i have been calling every day without any results.I have now stayed for a week without power-reason- i would like to buy units but i cant due to the faulty meter.All the food in the fridge became rotten and i painfully threw it away 2 days ago. My faulty token meter is No 04225695487. My report ref.No. is 248620.

  236. i have paid 350 for my prepaid account 14140836864 which i have been using for almost 2 yrs but unfortunately i was told it was invalid and i did not receive any tokens,plz check and sort my account!

  237. joseph wainaina  |  

    I bought tokens and mistakenly deleted the message…my account number is 14244222056..please send me da previous message to my phone no. 0726169166

  238. My account is 01450484181 i bought units worth 500 bob have been waiting for the token for 5 days. Tried to call no one is responding to the. Please help

  239. I paid for a tocken 3 times to meter no 14250794469.but still am getting a message telling me my meter is not activated.please what might be the problem.right now am in darkness.i have used sh750.

  240. My account 01451006942 I bought units of ksh 200 end of December have not generated the tokens.. please advice on what might be the no. 0718600467

  241. It’s the first time to use the token, am new tenant, I paid 700/- to my surprise I only got 24 units only!!!!? To add on it,when I had to top up it tells me connect then failed what’s up? I have been trying to reach customer service but they don’t take my calls. The account no.14252319471……my contact 0722-724865

  242. Does you hotline numbers even work, kept calling for hour nobody picks, kwani you only have one person on your desk serving the entire nation

  243. I paid for token through mpesa for ksh.470/=, Mpesa confirmation code(KA73SRSEYH) Meter account number-(14105540075), through phone number 0723539125.But the token number is not yet after more than 30hours now.

  244. anthony mwachola  |  

    hello,kindly need your help yesterday i talked to one of your agents and he promosed to solve my problem morning,now its afternoon i paid for token first @ ksh.770 then didnt recieve any token bt happen to receive a messege from you guys saying i have to add (174) shillings in order to be credited so i then paid 185 shillings that was yesterday,so here is the account no.14240040916

  245. i purchased a token for 480kshs on 19.01.2016 but accidentally deleted the message. my contact 0710484242, acc 01450452949.

    kindly assist

  246. u pple u have a helpline!!!! I have been calling those lines with no respond. now I had already paid my bill but unfortunately went to wrong account using mpesa. call me pliz if u values your customers. My no:0723740473

  247. Kplc i bought atoken worth450 ksh on meter no22119768202 but haven’t received any responce from you what is happening kindly assist

  248. Kplc i bought atoken worth450 ksh on meter no22119768202 but haven’t received any responce from you what is happening kindly assist its now more than 15hrs

  249. I keep buying token and i keep geting add add add 1350 i did then 94 i did then to add 1400 i am amazed of this hi tech account is 37151726678, all i wanted to add is 200 top up

  250. hey i reported the meters which had failed and they were replaced but even them that were fitted are still not functioning the meter nos are 371543070
    14252739538 they are at tassia Embakasi.

  251. Somebody help me.i need to pay for my pre paid token meter.i sent 100 bob today first to confirm whether the acount is still working only to realise that my acount is unavailable.thank God i didnt send a 1000 bob.what can i do?

  252. please I paid for the kplc prepaid meter number-14245697959 today for a token and after receiving the token then after sometimes my phone went off on rebooting I lost the message containing the token. am now confused I don’t know want to do to get the message please help me my phone number is:+254708187687

  253. @kenyapower_care I live in mlolongo a guy purporting to be a kplc employee came and replaced our token readers and the previous units disappeared, he promised the units would be back within a week but it’s now three weeks forcing me to buy new units. I have been visiting your offices at mlolongo but all they tell me is to come back later, or the guy who changed the boxes is not around or the meter guys are out etc. I WANT MY UNITS BACK. My old meter number was 37125005324 and my new meter number is 14252818324 .my number is 0721400847

  254. your are poor kplc i have been calling for prepaid token i bought token till now i have not receive my meter number 01450566151 using airtel money transaction id 1602059772248

  255. I bought prepaid token n got this message.Mtr No : 14227185864 is unknown or is invalid ,Please confirm or contact KPLC. My MTR No: 14229185864. I have tried to reach KPLC to no avail.please help.

  256. hello…I’ve just purchased tokens but the message I’ve gotten says that I should add 622/- to be given a credit…..I am wondering what’s really wrong.I’ve just moved into that house last month..KBE82OVXE4 Confirmed. Ksh310.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 14244218864 on 14/2/16 at 2:21 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh19.00. Hakikisha! To stop any wrong transaction type 1 and send.

  257. hello…I’ve just purchased tokens but the message I’ve gotten says that I should add 622/- to be given a credit…..I am wondering what’s really wrong.I’ve just moved into that house last month..KBE82OVXE4 Confirmed. Ksh310.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 14244218864 on 14/2/16 at 2:21 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh19.00. Hakikisha! To stop any wrong transaction type 1 and send.Mtr No: 14244218864 Date :2016-02-14 13:42:15 +0300 : Kshs 248 is not sufficient, Please add Kshs 622 to get Credit

  258. Yesterday night at 9pm i bought prepaid tokens worth Ksh 249 but did not receive tokens as expected .I received the sms (Ksh 249 is not sufficient, please add Ksh 99 to get credit . I have just added Ksh 99 , i was asked and instead of receiving the said credit , i received this message (problem with token generation , please contact KPLC ) , My prepaid meter number is 14140587032. How to i get this problem resolved or which number do i call to have this sorted

  259. am also tired of paying for tokenr yet they neva credit me , they always craim that the money isn’t enough. today marks the end of me an electrisity if i wunt b given greadit .

  260. I have purchased ksh 3000 token by mpesa yesterday at around 4 pm and recieved a confirmation for the same from safari com unfortunately am yet to receive any token numbers till then.
    My metre no is 14107591738.
    Kindly assist.
    My phone no is 0712196539/0708600006

  261. from ukunda and i have a problem with my line.evry time the power goes off it takes hours to return.the customer care line is busy or they ask question with no am in darkness since noon till now midnight.The only answer i get is we will send somebody over there to check.TILL WHEN?

  262. Can i get my 90 bob back bcoz i won’t tolarate this how can i buy token for ksh.90 and no reply and am being told to get more 276 to get the credit….how is it possible account..37150707257

  263. Have new mtr ad paid 194 bt rpyied te mtr nuber Is invalied or unkwon.wat do ido tu get te money back tha ipaid tru nuber 14251039666 in kisii

  264. Kindly help.I purchased units of 500/- instead of I send to 04218945599 and these account says invalid

  265. I have send ksh50 in unknown metrr no 14245985314 instead of 14245985313 plz transfer it to this acc with 313. the no which sent is 0720395533.

  266. Bought token for 500 . and got massage that my meter 22119832677 is not activated since yesterday and I have been using it for 2 years now , and your customer care is not responding . what’s up ? 0726494628

  267. David M. Aberi  |  

    i bought 200ksh tokens and added 150ksh tokens totalling 350ksh of which i received 0.3 tokens is these realy genuine please assist i am in darkness my mtr no is 22120471234 my number is 0725503704

  268. No power !!only two house kariba estate south B. What is a direct number to call? Otherwise my food are going to rot in the fridge

  269. My account n.o Is 14251804440 why are my units expiring So quickly.each month i have to buy tokens four times Worth 500shs.That’s 2,000shs a month considering my previous bills a month were Worth a 1000shs, pliz check on n.o Is 0729870705..

  270. my token,whats happening KPLC???…just tell us if we are allowed to buy tokens on m-pea because its now becoming irritating…since Friday and nothing yet!!!0714109674

  271. I bought token of 300 no reply bought another 200 no reply through okoa stima na Mpesa ave been deducted.plz send my token acc.14105578521

  272. I haven’t gotten tokens after paying kshs.522,I got a SMS tat there’s a problem plz contact kplc ,I have called but nobody is pickin plz MTR no. is 14251771268 mobile no.0708693633

  273. I bought units worth 500 on Saturday 9/4/2016 I have been waiting and there is no one responding my Account no. 14251244811 😔😔

  274. I bought tokens using the wrong number which is 37155312665 instead of 14251844404 of 500/= av been calling but no one is picking kindly asking for the transfer of the tokens

  275. Beatrice Ocholla  |  

    Can I know the registered owner of meter no.14250967073 as I paid for it and it seems registered on someone else’s name

  276. I paid a token worth 500 yesternight and you sent me this text “Mtr No: 14107468390 Date :2016-04-14 21:31:42 +0300 : Kshs 500 is not sufficient, Please add Kshs 22 to get Credit” and on paying the said 22 it said that there is issue with token generation. Pliz assist

  277. I have been in darkness for the last three days, your customer care desk are very arrogant and tired to work it’s either they don’t pick calls or they tell you ” tunakushughulikia”.I took my time to look for this emergency guys when I met them it was around 2345hrs to my surprise they told me their shift was over. …….

  278. I bought units since yesterday evening on account number 14106511422, phone number 0717688002 and have been waiting for the tokens since yesterday to no avail. Called your service centers and no response. Please do something to improve your services

  279. James nderitu gitonga  |  

    Please I bought token for meter no.14106944458 but didn’t get the tokens.KDPOLG9FFY confirmed 500 sent to KPLC prepaid for account 14106944458 on 25th April 2016.

  280. I bought tokens yesterday until now I have not RECIEVED THE TOKENS my number is 0716770033 and now I’m in darkness. help urgently

  281. I purchased token via Mpesa yesterday evening. Haven’t received my token till now. My number is 0702666370. I will appreciate your prompt response.

  282. hi i bought tokens worth 200 then was asked to add sh322 on top for more credit upto now no meter no is 0710256603

  283. Thomas makau  |  

    Hi,i bought tokens worth 350,added another 100bob but it has taken too long to receive tokens.account 14234349059.pls help

  284. I paid Ksh. 4,000 on 5th May. Kindly supply me with token no. i deleted the message by mistake my meter number is 01450245913 please send me the message again to 0710619358. Best Regards.

  285. I bought a token via mpesa and by mistake i cofussed the account no with one digit.have been trying to call with no do i get my 1000 shillings back

  286. Franco musyoka  |  

    I was given meter since March 2016 and upto now it’s not activated what the problem in activation meter no.14251235637 ID no 20266428 phone no.0723915268.assist please

  287. francis mwangi  |  

    heeee Kplc !! wats up with you guys you are robbing us or what. I have bought tokens twice av not received any …tutaishi hivi mpaka lini. u don’t pick calls, u don’t help. were are tired !!! we going to court tommorow guys support me…we CNT continue this way!!!

  288. I have purchased tokens of 300/= for meter number 14106342489 but I have only received 0.3! That’s crazy, kwani am l supposed to pay 10000000/= for using two energy saver bulbs?

  289. caleb kwemboi  |  

    my metre isn’t working any, it went off three weeks ago but was still transmitting power but now that my previous token is finished, everything went dark. the metre is not displaying anything, I have paid six hundred which I have received my tokens but the metre doesnt work. am in dark please do something to help.

  290. KPLC, what could be the issue, I paid for my meter 14246069679 MPESA transaction number KF15VTOZ55 till now I have not received my token??

  291. jackline meli  |  

    Pliz kplc I just bought a token for 500 thru mpesa n did not receive,then again I decided to try with 200 n it was successful, we a did my 500 went,coz it shows in the SMS tat it went to professional digital,I need an answer because am fuming mad

  292. daniel ochieng  |  

    I paid kshs. 750 on 1/6/2016 for kplc token but have not received the same to date. they talk of slow token generation but how come when I paid additional kshs 500 the token came immediately?, my MTR No. is 14243566792, and phone no. 0720566679. Complain to customer care bore no fruits.

  293. I paid ksh.200 meter no. 37164368781 on 5/6/16 morning and upto date i have not received any message from KPLC confirming the units given. I dont have electricity. please assist.

    my no. 0713998170

  294. its been two weeks now withought power despite my endless complaints day in day out to to the kenya power about my prepaid meter that does not work.they even gave me a reference number to the effect (REF:253184) METTER NO.04226070912…UMOJA C Est.PLOT NO:D1 Registered under Mercy Nduta.Kindly help me or at least show me what to do.

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