Safaricom Postpay Services

Having heard that I could probably being spending less if i move from pre to post pay services I gladly applied noting according to the leaflets displayed at the counter that easily i’d be paying only 1000bob for 4000bob worth of services. ”How will I be topping up?” I asked. ”Topping up is easy,” said the lady attendant.”Just do it using Mpesa”.

This was on the 3rd day of April 2012. “You’ll be expected to do so every 16th day of the month”she continued to explain.To which I enquired,”So I have only 13th day to top up again?Seeing that it was a few days 13 to be exact till twas the 16th day of that month.”No no no,”she reassured me,”you have until the 16th of May”

Satisfied with her answer I left hoping that hence forth would be blissfully be enjoying that particular post paid package. But that was until the third of May when a massage came that those services will be disconnected lest I top up.

Which I did through Mpesa and soon after came a very strange reply that my phone that my top up of Ksh 2000 bob would expire in the year slightly beyond Kenya’s Vision 2030,that it would expire year 2032!!!!!

I showed this text to couple of friends made light about the matter and really didn’t wasn’t alarmed as safcom post paid continued.

That was until yesterday when my line’s services were discontinued.calling the customer care 200 line a lady.Beth informs me that the only payment I have ever made according to their data is the 2000 bob I paid when registering for the post paid srervices on the 3rd of April.I question her of the Mpesa top up on the third which she finds is true but does not reflect top up on my end.

She furthter goes on to share that actually yes I should have paid using Mpesa but to a bill account 200200 something none of the registering staff shared or even was communicated in the fliers that enticed me in the first place to the service.

Rudely she says the can only revert the 2000 bill to a pre-paid line the maybe i can sell it to someone and the use the money to top up my Mpesa account to rectivate my post pay line.

Really when the fault is not mine as the supplied me with the wrong answer on how to top up.And even if my way of topping up was wrong for my posy pay line should the system they’ve put in place reject that format Instead of giving ridiculous responses that my 2000 bob top up expires 2032!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob coleymore  had I not questioned the math a topped up say using 200200 ac no. who would have known of my pending refund. To make matters worse after refusing to do the dance of hawking the 2000 to prepay users I was was to top up 212 to reactvave my card and send a CUSTOMER SERVICE REQUEST 1-2J0E6MV that indicates that some guy from safaricom  ”might” to sort out my case in within 48hrs!!!!

Really Bob hugely disappointed.

– Martin

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  1. Hi,I am very dissapointed with the post pay services that despite sending emailsd I and asking for my account to be terminated I still get bills while I am away from the country.I have been asking for the termination of my post pay account for the last 1 month and I am very dissapointed!!!!


    I am a post paid customer for a number of years. i also registered my simcard. this morning I receive a message that the simcard is not registered and now i am unable to use the phone as each time i dial i get a feed back NO Network- the mobile number is 0722 715 323.
    Please advise I am lost and disappointed.

  3. Currently, am a pre pay customers, how can start using the post pay services : really interested in them. Someone advice me pls

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